The Missy Centanni Scholarship Fund

The Missy Centanni Scholarship Fund was created in 2014 to honor Missy Centanni, a woman who embodied the Gas Lamp Mission Statement in the many years she spent in the Gas Lamp family. Contributions made to the fund enable students with financial hardship to participate in our programs as well as enhance the quality of our non-profit community a theater.  


Because of the generosity of our donors, many aspiring thespians have been able to participate in GLAPA programs. Although Missy passed away in 2014, her spirit remains alive in the Gas Lamp community through the Miss Centanni Scholarship Fund.

Missy Centanni touched the lives of many people when she performed with her daughter, Carly, in Gas Lamp’s productions of Annie, The Music Man and The Wizard of Oz. As her friend and fellow cast member Maureen Ludwig stated, “[She] cast a spell of positive energy over the cast and crew of every production.” Her selfless spirit will never be forgotten.

Missy possessed a unique gift of identifying a need and then doing everything in her power to meet it. She knew that an enormous need exists for kids and teens to find confidence in themselves and to be able to discover and then share their strengths with others. It is the mission of Gas Lamp Players to build community, confidence and compassion through the performing arts. While participating in our programs, many of our students have experienced increased self confidence, personal victories, and life-lasting memories. Missy knew and loved this about Gas Lamp. And now, because of Missy, her incredible family, and your generosity, Gas Lamp can continue to meet the needs of our kids and teens as well as enhance the quality of our non-profit community theatre. 

We are so appreciative of your support in this new and exciting scholarship fund. Please remember that your donation is tax-deductible, as Gas Lamp Inc. is a federal 501c3 organization. Our federal tax identification number is: 20 831 6611.




When you support the Missy Centani scholarship you are helping us to live out our missions statement and change lives.

Here is what some off our theatre kids are saying about Gas Lamp:

I realized how unique and special Gas Lamp is when I was doing the Wizard of Oz. It was this unique combination of people at all levels and from all backgrounds intersected at the same road, helping each other, donating all of their efforts and energy tirelessly, and forming a true family.

I’ve never felt so accepted somewhere and it’s truly a privilege to be apart of. You don’t only make art with Gaslamp, you make magic.

No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find something quite as magical as Gaslamp. I promise. One summer with Gaslamp and I found myself breaking out of my shell and becoming the performer and person I’ve always wanted to be, but was too scared to be.

As someone who never really ‘fit in’ at school, I find a certain comfort being involved with every program offered at Gaslamp, but especially The Teen Project. Not only being able to create using my personal gifts but having the privilege to watch other young artists, like myself.